Ready Solutions by Uzbek Boilers Ltd.
In recent years, a growing interest to designing and building greenhouse facilities was observed in Uzbekistan and neighboring countries. Based on its extensive experience, our company is offering ready-made solutions to meet such needs. The Scotch Marine series boilers are best-optimized to such requirements as they are quick to heat water up to needed temperature due to available burner overfeeding regime which is extremely important in a situation where outside temperature falls abruptly. In case gas supply is cut off, the boilers can easily be switched to backup fuel (mazut, diesel, oil waste).

Due to modern design, such boilers are most efficient in comparison to traditional systems, consuming less gas or liquid fuel. All boiler rooms for green houses are provided and installed on the "turnkey" basis, being in full readiness for operation.

Steam Boilers
Used for industrial needs. Uzbek Boiler is a leader in production of steam boilers in Central Asia. We make steam boiler rooms with a capacity from 100kg to 15 tons of steam per hour. The boilers can use any fuel, such as gas, liquid fuel, or electricity.

Electric boiler rooms
There where traditional fuel cannot be used, such as gas or mazut, the electric boilers are the best solution. We make electric boilers ranging from 5 KWt to 2MWt in output. They feature higher efficiency due to the construction, and are protected from voltage jumps and water leaks. The boilers are equipped with automated control devices.

Modular Configuration Boilers
Ready-to-use automated modular boilers are designed to provide heating, hot water supply and steam to enterprises and/or buildings where shortage of energy resources is experienced or which need cheaper and reliable source of heat.

Such boiler is a modular building and is delivered to the site of the Customer as a set of high readiness blocks. The assembly of blocks into one singleinstallationn is doneon sitee by the professional assembly team. Such boiler installations are intended to operate in automatic regime and no constant monitoring of staff is required.
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