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We hope that technical experts and potential clients will find here useful information. For over than 16 years, our company has been specializing on manufacturing steam and water-heating boilers of Scotch Marine Series with a capacity from 0.1 to 5 GCal/hour which are capable of using any kind of fuel. We conduct all kinds of works related to designing, installation, servicing and adjustment of boiler facilities.

We make more than 40 standard sizes of boilers of the Scotch Marine type, as well as burner equipment for them, and standard and non-standardized equipment.

The Uzbek Boiler is a team of skilled technical experts; they are ready to make any requests of the client come true. Over the years of our activity, we accumulated a great deal of experience in construction of boiler-rooms. On the territory of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Boiler is the only company to construct industrial and commercial steam boiler-rooms of complete readiness based on the Scotch Marine steam boilers.

Our specialists also developed electrode steam and water-heating boilers, an award-winning technology for various kinds of facilities and different geographical areas.

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