About Uzbek Boiler Ltd.
The Uzbek Boiler Ltd. was founded in 1990. Its initial goal was to focus on manufacturing steam and water heating boilers for domestic and industrial use. The Company was first and only one in CIS to introduce the production of American license-based Scotch Marine boiler series. The Scotch Marine series is most economical and reliable among other products of this type. Such boilers are widely used all across the world.

The Uzbek Boiler has now became a leading company in Uzbekistan and in Central Asian region as a whole specializing in manufacture of boiler equipment. Our success is built on a solid foundation of many years of award-winning operations in the local and regional market, innovation and know-how of our American partners, and ultimately, the closest attention to detail and quality.

The products and quality of our company were awarded the 2002 Geneva BID Golden Medal.

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The production of the Uzbek Boiler is appreciated in every place where warm and cozy comfort is needed. The universal approach applied by our company includes all stages, from design and development to assembly, start-up, post-sale servicing, and training of client's operational workers. The professionalism and high intellectual capacity of our staff ensure high quality and uninterrupted operation of our equipment.
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